How “The Office” Saved a Life

How do TV shows and certain books have such a huge impact on our day to day lives? Certain themes that stick with you and give that sweet escape even if it is captured in a short 30-minute episode each week. The castle that you wish you could go to, study mystical creatures, and practice magic. All of those characters that we relate so much to that we might know better than real life acquaintances.

At one time or another, we all have wished to be in a certain far far away place or meeting some prince charming. Disney does a very good job world building and is a great example. Same as the marvel universe, that was years in the making. The point is, the world has its many ups and downs, what’s the harm in a little escape every now and again. I talked to one of my close friends about this very topic, that’s when it was revealed to me that “The Office” will forever be more than just a show to them. They were in a very scary place at the time and the only thing that was remotely tolerable was the show. The way the characters behaved together. The way they lost, loved, felt embarressed, and triumphed into their own victories. It something to keep going for if someone else is feeling the same way whether it be real or fake.

Also, Hogwarts?!? Like come on….

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